Active Vacations

Working out on a vacation? What even you might ask. But for somebody who has spent the better part of three years living the fit life, working out has become ingrained in who I am. But lets be real. I'm on vacation I'm not doing my regular workout routine but I still love to exercise and it makes for interesting foreign adventures.

Tips for Sleeping in Airports

Have you ever thought, 'hey I want to sleep in the airport tonight!' Yeah no, you probably haven't wanted to but maybe you've needed to, or need to in the future. I certainly have, for both convenience and budget sake. But I've got some tips and tricks that will make the experience a tad bit better if you too find yourself in a situation where you have to sleep in an airport.  

Budget Travel Tips

One question I get asked frequently is how the hell I’ve been able to travel to so many countries. Now that’s a multiple part answer. I was fortunate enough to come from a well off family, with parents who believed that vacations were very much family affairs. I also took advantage of every opportunity I could (for all those University students out there take advantage of any Study Abroad or Travel Study programs that are offered, it’s the best education you’ll receive). I also learned how to travel smart, and travel on a budget.