Welcome to the crazy life of The Fit Traveler, ie Jessica Golding, or if you know me from Instagram @thefit_traveler.

I’m a yogi, vegetarian, explorer, homebody, grandma at heart, whiskey loving 21 year old. Born and raised on the East Coast of Canada my perspective of life has been greatly shaped by my parents. Without my mom I would not have a tattoo of the world map on my shoulder as a reminder that to travel often is to grow and to learn. Without my dad and his caring nagging to “get in shape” I never would have found my love of health and fitness that has expanded over the past two years.



Zurich, Switzerland 2015



I was fortunate enough that as children my parents took me and my younger brother on all the vacations they went on. This allowed me to explore much of the Canadian provinces, as well as American States. And when we got older this expanded to include a few family Europe trips as well. To date I have visited 31 countries. The majority of those last countries I did on my own, with just a backpack weighing me down. For me, that is the most free form of travel, just me, my backpack and the endless possibilities of adventure in front of me.



The Yoga asana that inspired me to keep practicing


My family was also active. Summers gone by were spent on a lake, biking old country roads, swimming through seaweed and playing baseball with the cousins. I was also an avid figure skater, having devoted 12 years of my childhood to the sport. But once reality hit and I had to find a part-time job to help pay for university, I lost all sense of my active life. It wasn’t until the end of my horrendous first year of university, having gained 20 pounds and a case of depression, that I listened to my dad and started to get my active life back. And I started with yoga.

For whatever reason that you stumbled upon this blog I hope you read along, smile, laugh and learn with me.

I’ll sign off like every letter mailed home to my parents:

Your Free Spirit of a [Blogger],