Active Vacations

Working out on a vacation? What even you might ask. But for somebody who has spent the better part of three years living the fit life, working out has become ingrained in who I am. But lets be real. I’m on vacation I’m not doing my regular workout routine but I still love to exercise and it makes for interesting foreign adventures.

If you do want to maintain some sort of exercise when you’re travelling the best way to do so is walk. Walk everywhere. Seriously. You can get sooo many steps in during a day of adventuring. In Rome my family walked a staggering 22km in the course of one day. 22 KM! Crazy I know but honestly I wouldn’t have seen half the things I did if we would have taken public transportation.

When I’m travelling I pretty much exclusively get from point A to B by using my own two feet. Because A) It really is the best way to see a city. You discover so many different things that you might not have seen or stumbled upon other wise. And B) I’m a broke student and walking is free so bonus right there.


Resting my feet at Saint Paul Outside the Wall

Another great way to stay active and experience a new place is to take in some nature. This could be hiking around a park or up a mountain, beach walks, kayaking on a picturesque lake or cycling around the countryside. In Ireland I spent an entire day hiking the trails of Killarney National Park, which is my top favorite place in the world. It’s so peaceful and the natural beauty is absolutely breathtaking. And I wouldn’t have seen any of it if I hadn’t laced up my sneaks and ventured off into the woods.




Getting lost in the woods, loving it, but nearly missing my bus



Killarney National Park


If you’re feeling spectacular views of the city or valley below then hike up that hill/mountain. It’s amazing how many places have a hill near by that gives amazing views of the city and valley spanning beneath it. Or like in Paris, some high building that you can see the city from. I recommend walking up the Eiffel Tower if you’re there. It is totally worth the out of breath feeling when you finally reach the top and then you can say you climbed all those steps to the iconic view.


Red, hot mess at the top of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh




The top of Gellert Hill in Budapest, Hungary

And if you do want to maintain more of you usual workout routine plenty of hotels have fitness centers, as do all cruise ships. And if your hotel doesn’t have a fitness center you can always make up a short no-equipment needed HIIT workout to do in your room or in a nearby park. Or go for a run! In Zurich and Rome I got up to watch the sunrise as I ran through the old cobble stone streets and to this day those are my two favorite runs I’ve ever done. And if you’re a yogi like moi just find a grassy space and bust out a few asanas.

Or you can just take a break from your usual active lifestyle. You’re on vacation. You do you. I’ll enjoy my hikes and runs and occasional yoga when I’m travelling if I have time and if I really want to. But I’ll also enjoy all the delicious foods and laziness as well.



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