No Sugar Added Week

Last week I tried experimenting with eating only foods that had no sugars added to them. I had seen people do the ‘challenge’ on Instagram a few times but never felt compelled to do so, until now. I saw it as a challenge of my will power, and a way to detox my body from all the added sugars it consumes on a daily basis.

On Sunday I had it all planned out. Planning of course is key to success in this matter, or else temptation gives in or you aren’t prepared and life happens and there you are eating something with added sugars.

The one thing I knew that would be a challenge was dessert. What was I going to have for desserts? For if you know me you know that dessert is a daily occurrence. I whole heartedly believe that you don’t need to just fuel your body but you also need to fuel your soul. And I’m pretty sure that my soul is fueled by chocolate.

So off to Sobey’s, an Atlantic Canadian grocery chain, I went. And lone and behold, what do I find, but a ‘no added sugar’ chocolate bar. That’s how they were marketed. So I picked up a regular dark chocolate and then a mint chocolate one to try. I’ve been hooked ever since. Ross Chocolates is a Canadian company and their no sugars added chocolates seriously taste just like any other chocolate with sugar that you might pick up at a grocery store.


Ross Chocolates

One of the hardest things about eating no sugars added was breakfast/bedtime snacks. A lot of the foods I eat don’t have added sugars anyways, since it’s all fruits and vegetables but boy did I miss my Cheerios and toast. Those are some of the only things in my diet that have added sugar, and by the end of the day I was craving my bowl of cereal or my piece of toast.

I was able to substitute regular peanut butter for the natural kind which doesn’t have any added sugars, so I started putting that on sugar free crackers instead. I also went back to some very basic ‘meals’ I used to eat when I was a lazy teenager, like crackers with a piece of cheese and half a grape on top. If you haven’t tried that you’re missing out.

I also made ‘zoats.’ It’s oatmeal with shredded zucchini for extra volume and it is a way to get your vegetables in. I topped it with a banana, natural pb, Ross chocolates and cinnamon. And it was some tasty.



Getting those veggies in at breakfast.

One other thing I consume on a daily basis is ketchup. Me and ketchup have an endless love affair. But unfortunately ketchup also has added sugars. This might have actually been harder to give up than cereal and toast.

When I say I put ketchup on everything I mean it. Sure my fries on Friday looked sad without their red delicious friend but my vegetables looked even worse. Literally one of my all time favorite things to eat is cooked green string beans in ketchup, think like eating it as if it was a fry.

I eat green beans multiple times a week for supper so having to eat them without ketchup was actually hard. It felt like there was something missing. And I normally dip my cooked carrots and broccoli in ketchup too. It’s a serious addiction to ketchup I have.

But besides that the week wasn’t that hard. I’m doing it again this week. The only thing was on Wednesday when I went for frozen yogurt with my best friends. That was the only added sugar I had. And sure I could have just sat there and watched them eat it and stayed on track but I wasn’t going to do that.

I believe in living, not completely restricting. Leading a healthy, fulfilled life, is leading a balanced life. If you want that chocolate or ice cream or whatever it is then eat it. You’re here on Earth to enjoy your life, not hate your decisions. Build a healthy relationship with food and go off and enjoy all the foods you want to.

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