Making Friends on Instagram

Have you ever seen a post on Instagram and wonder how these two random people became friends and then met in real life? I had those thoughts too until I became one of those people with friends from Instagram. Looking back on how I got to this point (one best friend in Florida and another in Germany) I thought I’d share my experience. Because really, making friends on Instagram is amazing and everybody should have one.

My biggest tip would be reach out!

If you see a post that you really like, comment on it. It doesn’t even have to be that meaningful if you don’t want. An “Omg I Love those tights. Where did you get them?” can go a long way. It opens the conversation.

If you see somebody’s story and you want to send them a comment on it, then do it! Maybe you thought their story was funny, or you were having a bad day and it cheered you up, or they had an amazing looking meal and you want the recipe. Again, it opens the conversation.

And if you’re totally crushing on somebody send them a DM (direct message) letting them know why. You never know what sort of response back that you’ll receive.

Reaching out is the best way to making these real life connections. You’re all on Instagram and you have at least one thing in common with the person, whether that be fitness, yoga, food or whatever it may be that links your accounts.

Another way to make Instagram connections is to go to local fitness meetups/events. When I lived in DC I attended a few BBG meetups and met a few girls who I had followed on Instagram for awhile. They’re just as cool in person as they are on social media.

My “in real life Insta friends”

Over a year ago I flew from DC to Florida to spend the long weekend with a girl I had never met in real life and her husband. When I told non-Instagram people this they thought I was crazy and going to be murdered. But Steph (@the.inverted.introvert) is one of my best friends. We talk anything from yoga, to cats to the hardships we’re experiencing. That first weekend we spent together it was like I was seeing a long lost friend. Not somebody I had never even had a conversation outside of Instagram with.



Yoga on the beach. February 2016.


Since then I’ve seen Steph, and her awesome husband, twice more. The second time I flew from Canada to Florida. Going through US Customs the lady gave me the oddest look. When she asked my reason for going to the States I replied, to visit a friend. And when she asked how I knew this friend I simply said Instagram. She stared at me for a few seconds, asked if I had met her in person before and then kindly sent me on my way. In less than 4 months Steph and Andrew are coming to visit me in Ottawa. So excited! And this all came to be because of a social media app and a common love of fitness. Our Insta friendship started by liking each others posts, eventually commenting on them and then one of us off handily stating they’d love to meet the other in person. Well we made plans to meet and the rest is history.



Brunch time. March 2017.


Last October I made the journey from Northern France down to Paris to spend a weekend with yet another girl I had known for awhile on Instagram. Stepping off the train platform and seeing her nowhere in sight like we had planned I didn’t even stop to question that maybe she wasn’t coming. I waited and eventually she showed up in a semi-panic because she was running late. As she was rushing past me I tapped her on the shoulder and when she saw me she enveloped me in a hug. We’ve been solid ever since.


Eiffel Tower. October 2016.

That first weekend in Paris didn’t exactly go completely to plan but it was awesome walking around and eating all the food with Julie (@julianehi). Then a few months later before I left Europe I trained down to Southern Germany to spend the weekend with her. Again it was like spending time with a long lost friend. We drank coffee and talked and just chilled on the couch watching Gilmore Girls. And it all came to be because we eventually added each other on Snap Chat and sent each other snaps about our everyday lives, getting to know each other even more than on Instagram. I don’t know the next time I’ll see Julie, I just know it will happen.



Stuttgart, Germany. December 2016.


Suffice to say Instagram has brought me two more best friends I never knew I needed until they came into my life. So reach out. Message that person you’ve always wanted to. Make those connections. My two closest just happen to be international but when I was briefly in Ottawa I reached out to different people in the city. I made those connections for when I move back in the fall.


~Happy friend making~

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