FRE Skincare Review

FRE Skincare is a brand that I was seeing more and more of all over instagram as the past few months have gone by. It seemed like every other yogi and fitness lover that I followed were using it. To my surprise about a month ago Fre Skincare reached out to me asking if I would try their product, the 123Fre set, and then review it on instagram. 

Garnier Hair Treat Review

When Langmanagement reached out for me to try one of Garnier Fructis Canada's new products I was hesitant. On Instagram now, especially within the yoga community, I find there's a growing negative connotation with people who do sponsored posts, just because they got the product for free.  But ultimately I was curious and just because you get a product for free doesn't mean you cannot also write an authentic review.

Why everybody should Study or Work Abroad

We all want to feel that sense of adventure. To, as cheesy (but true) as it sounds, get lost to find ourselves in another culture. One major reason why most people don't just up and leave is due to finances. BUT, studying and/or working abroad is a great way around that. How else do you think I could have afforded to do 4 study/work semesters abroad and be only 21? 

Active Vacations

Working out on a vacation? What even you might ask. But for somebody who has spent the better part of three years living the fit life, working out has become ingrained in who I am. But lets be real. I'm on vacation I'm not doing my regular workout routine but I still love to exercise and it makes for interesting foreign adventures.

Tips for Sleeping in Airports

Have you ever thought, 'hey I want to sleep in the airport tonight!' Yeah no, you probably haven't wanted to but maybe you've needed to, or need to in the future. I certainly have, for both convenience and budget sake. But I've got some tips and tricks that will make the experience a tad bit better if you too find yourself in a situation where you have to sleep in an airport.  

No Sugar Added Week

Last week I tried experimenting with eating only foods that had no sugars added to them. I had seen people do the 'challenge' on Instagram a few times but never felt compelled to do so, until now. I saw it as a challenge of my will power, and a way to detox my body from all the added sugars it consumes on a daily basis.

Making Friends on Instagram

Have you ever seen a post on Instagram and wonder how these two random people became friends and then met in real life? I had those thoughts too until I became one of those people with friends from Instagram. Looking back on how I got to this point (one best friend in Florida and another in Germany) I thought I’d share my experience. Because really, making friends on Instagram is amazing and everybody should have one.

Budget Travel Tips

One question I get asked frequently is how the hell I’ve been able to travel to so many countries. Now that’s a multiple part answer. I was fortunate enough to come from a well off family, with parents who believed that vacations were very much family affairs. I also took advantage of every opportunity I could (for all those University students out there take advantage of any Study Abroad or Travel Study programs that are offered, it’s the best education you’ll receive). I also learned how to travel smart, and travel on a budget.